The TOP 3 Things That Help Your Listing Get More Clicks And Bookings!

Why Does One Listing Get More Clicks and Traffic From Similar Properties?

Do you ask yourself what makes some vacation rental listings more “clickable” or get massive traffic? It is obviously the main thing on every successful vacation rental owners mind. Like, how does this property always seem like it’s more booked over mine? They just seem to be a “beehive” of activity..

Questions you keep asking yourself over and over:

  • Is the property more desirable than mine? Maybe..
  • The rate per night is about the same, right?
  • Could it be they have an amenity I need? ..they seem the same
  • My property is listed in the same area.
  • Did they compare the properties side by side?

All Things Being Equal

You keep asking yourself these same questions over and over, but still can’t break the secret code. It remains a mystery why you are struggling to become more profitable and book more reservations. You have definitely determined that you could turn a nice profit if more days were booked per month. Also if off-season times booked more I’d be SUPER Happy.. but how?

Things You Constantly Ask Yourself

Should I spend more money adding a hot tub, upgrade furnishings, re-do the yard, or how about  adding another, bigger TV? Maybe. Or should I reduce my price or do a giveaway to generate more bookings? How about this, constantly changing season and off-season rates and terms to attract more people.

Some Of These Ideas May Work, But It All Boils Down To This..

More people seeing your property listing. That’s it.

Travelers May Target A Specific Area, But Are Always Open to New Adventures

Why list on web sites that aren’t specific to my area? Well, how in the heck are you going to introduce your property to a wider range of guests that are always looking for the next new adventure? Which brings is to the top 3 things to expand and improve(greatly) your marketing reach.

  1. Quit marketing like everyone else.
  2. Do your marketing on smart venues and productive platforms(like websites that “click”).
  3.  Try and schedule your time around actual effective processes.

PRO TIP: Become aware that travelers really hate paying additional 3rd party booking  fees.