Smart Owners Book Rentals Direct To Guests

Owners Booking Rentals Direct To Guests

More and more vacation rental owners are booking their properties to guests without the 3rd party middleman(airbnb, vrbo, homeaway, etc). Why? To help save their guests paying more in Booking and Service Fees. Also, to take control of their business that is controlled by big booking sites. Not only are the big booking sites becoming more and more unfriendly to owners, but they are trying to market other homes and hotels on top of owners listings.

I Can’t Find My Listing!?

Many vacation rentals are becoming lost or swallowed up in search parameters of the listing sites if they don’t play by their rules. Side sells, pop ups and suggested “other” properties can also pull a potential renter away from an owners home. Many big  online travel sites have now started advertising hotels alongside the vacation home owners listing itself.

Why Do They Keep Changing The Rules?

One big complaint from owners is how to get paid and cancellation policies. Being told when and how much you get paid is becoming more and more aggravating. Cancellations are another issue where if you don’t do one thing and prefer to do another you will get penalized for wanting to run your business as you see fit. Many owners have become fearful of doing what they want and instead they do what has been suggested to play nice with the booking sites.

Calendars and instant booking and having the ability to sync reservations is becoming a bit tricky lately. Some big booking sites do not play nice even after the tell you it’s ok to sync another calendar on their site. Many owners are advertised on other sites therefore making it hard to take an instant booking hoping that the calendars register and duplicate bookings do not occur for which one needs to be cancelled and the owners get penalized.

Even how you communicate to your guests is becoming a problem and shrouded in secrecy until money is exchanged.

Top Priority For Vacation Rental Owners

Becoming independent from trying to please, conform and pay the big booking sites fees has become a goal for many vacation rental owners. Increased bookings and profit has shown to be a good model for lowering vacancies in peak season as well as off-season. Besides your guests love the changes many owners are making.