Simple & Effective Marketing

Get Unstuck With The Right Knowledge

What are you waiting for? This site is for vacation homeowners that know they can turn a profit or have a nice retirement income renting their vacation home. Some do, many don’t. We can help.

Big changes online have hurt rental owners and managers. Big online booking sites are swallowing up owner profits and charging their guests extra fees.

Frustrated Rental Owners

Heck, most owners can’t even find their own vacation home when searching the “Big” vacation rental sites! Oh, and terms and policy changes faster than owners can keep up with.

We show you how to take back control of your own rental business. Knowing where to start can make a big difference.

Sure, most people start posting on Facebook and trying to catch some people that may be interested in their rental, but results have been minimal.

Have A Decent Plan Of Execution!

Marketing online is so much bigger than PP (post and pray). Other marketing skills are needed. Thinking we are marketing productively online can be elusive. Afterall we are doing what every other struggling Owner is doing hoping someone wants to book our property.

Working towards having a booking rate of 60% from a marketing system of new and return guests that have found your property online is the goal. The other 40% can be filled in gradually.

Learn all the tools without spending  so much time using FB, Instagram, Twitter, Email. Many forms of marketing done right around your rental area is a must. Networking with big “Presence” influencers can be a great tool and use of your time. Sit back and think of how you can help and co-promote with high traffic businesses. We’ll show you a few great techniques.