Rental Owners.. Have You Given Up On More Bookings During The “Off Season”?

Many owners say “it’s just the way it is”, Many others increase bookings!

After feeling a little overwhelmed(and underwhelmed) at annual financial returns of her vacation rental, Vickie had said enough is enough! She realized she needed to think ahead.

And she did. After increasing bookings at usually slow times, Vickie has been able to do improvements and hire(on a part time basis) more help with managing duties. Result? Her and family is benefiting most.. 🙂

“It just slows down in our area”

Of course we all have “on” and “off” seasons due to area weather, time constraints, school and other reasons. But many owners know that people are still traveling to their area, and are wondering how to get more booking share.

The usual activity after being booked and happy is to start to “Post and Pray” on social media, which may work every now and again. Successful owners take a more proactive approach.

Being found 1st online is the secret to success!

Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.. well actually that’s about it.. those are the sites many visit when researching their travel destination. Then budget constraints start factor in their decision.

That’s a no brainer. Being on a vacation rental site that immediately says NO BOOKING/SERVICE FEES catches attention.

Here is a Facebook group made just for that. Visit our websites we market to guest searching for places to stay that don’t charge added extra booking/service fees. Guests and owners are paying on the front end or the back end. Cha-ching.

Remarketing to past guests and getting them to share, share, share.

Share what? The home? HECK NO. The experience and diversity of relaxation and enjoyment the area has to offer. That is where dream vacations begin, not planning on watching your “Ultra deluxe, king size, big screen, mega pixel, ultra sound TV.. right?

If you don’t tell them, then somebody they trust should.

Ever heard of influencers? They influence. lol Experiencers, hence experience, convey what a great vacation spot they stayed at while having the experience of a lifetime. Let them do the marketing for you. Rental owners description helps convey somethings, but mainly it conveys trying to sell someone. People know this.

Gather as many positive reviews of their experience as to the place they stay.

It really helps when owners learn hidden hot spots and lesser known points of interest. Like a scavenger hunt in your own back yard. You’ll be amazed at what you can learn about your local travel destination once you start looking.